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Dog Training for Pups of Every Breed and All Ages!

Owned and operated by Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist Aubrey Bailey, Champion K9 Companions is a business dedicated to helping dogs and people develop effective communication and mutual understanding. It can be difficult to accept a pup into your family when he is turning your carpet yellow, waking up your neighbors, chewing up your favorite briefcase, or mouthing off to your friends when they come visiting. You might think that you have to put up with his shenanigans or worse, give him up! Well think again. Through our specialized training programs we can help you and your pup get the results you need to succeed, without compromising your dog's confidence. After all, training is supposed to be fun! Our training philosophy consists of balanced training techniques so that we can communicate with your furry friend as clearly as possible. We want only happy, obedient pups and happy, satisfied owners!


What We Can Teach Your Dog

  • Service Dog/Therapy Dog Work

    • Clothing Removal, Retrieve Items

    • Heeling to Both Sides, Down Under a Table

    • Open/Close a Door, Turn Lights On/Off

  • Scent Detection

    • Detect and Alert for Trained Scents

  • Clicker Tricks

    • The Sky is the Limit!

    • Paw, Bow, Spin, Turn, Hit, Rollover

    • Play Dead, Sit Pretty, Wave, MORE!

  • Agility (Coming Soon!)

  • Puppy Training

    • Potty Training

    • Teething/Mouthing

    • Crate Training

  • Basic Obedience

    • Recall, Sit, Down

    • Place, Heel, Home Manners

  • Advanced Obedience

    • Off-Leash Heeling

    • At Distance Commands

    • Duration Stays

  • Competitive Obedience

    • Attention Heel, Formal Front

    • Commands in Motion (Sit, Down, Ect.)

    • Finish

Behavioral Solutions That We Can Help You Address

  • House Manners

  • Car Manners

  • Door Manners

  • Leash Manners

  • Running Away

  • Boundary Recognition

  • Potty Training

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Destructive behavior

  • Aggression

  • Dog to Dog Manners

  • Counter Surfing/Thieving

  • Jumping

  • Mouthing

  • Chewing

  • Biting

  • Digging

  • Nuisance barking

Still Not Sure? Let us convince you!